Household Change by County

The region is expected to gain another 88,613 households between 2020 and 2050 as the trend of smaller household sizes continues. The greatest household growth rate will be found in Boone County, where the number of households is expected to increase 47%, between 2020 to 2050. 56% of the Region’s household gain will go to Boone and Warren Counties by 2050. Hamilton County will drop from a 42% share of regional households to a 40% share of regional households but will add about 15,500 new households between 2020 and 2050.

Household Change, 2020-2050

The 2020 to 2050 Household Change map shows the change in households between 2020 and 2050. The smaller red dots represent a loss of 50 households and the smaller green dots represent a gain of 50 households. The larger red dots represent more significant household losses of 200 or more households and the larger green dots represent more significant household gains of 200 or more. The greatest growth is anticipated in Boone and Warren counties and in the urban core of the region, from the river cities in Northern Kentucky and Downtown Cincinnati, spreading up I-71. Growth is also expected throughout suburban Kenton and Butler counties, and along the State Route 32 corridor in Clermont County.

2020 to 2050 household changes shown across the OKI Region
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